‘Land-based aquaculture can be compared with running a hotel’

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Deal with Eyvi heralds new opportunities, including for collaboration on Hima Seafood’s expansion in the USA says MMC First Process.

Fish handling technology specialists MMC First Process have signed a deal with supplier of tailor-made land-based (RAS) facilities Eyvi to build a fish logistic system for Hima Seafood’s farm in Rjukan.

This system will manage the movement and welfare of live fish throughout their growth and processing stages.

This project is significant for MMC First Process, demonstrating their capabilities in large-scale, land-based fish farming.

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In a release from the company on Monday, Heidi Kyvik, CBDO of Eyvi, explained the selection of MMC First Process as a partner.

“This installation will be a shop window for us and for the whole industry, so it is obviously important to choose a partner who can bring us extensive experience and a history of reliable fish handling,” said Kyvik.

MMC First Process has been building a specialized team for land-based aquaculture since 2019, drawing from its expertise in well boats, land-based holding tanks, and collective fish-handling knowledge, according to the release.

This is a very important contract for the company, according to Børre Haanes Waagan, Sales Director for Land-based Aquaculture at MMC First Process.

Full occupancy?

“Land-based aquaculture can be compared with running a hotel, where well-being and full occupancy give the best results,” he said.

The collaboration with Eyvi and Hima Seafood is an opportunity to further validate their commitment to fish welfare and potentially expand into new markets, said MMC First Process’ CSO Fish Handling Frank Edvard Vike.

“These systems mean we are being taken seriously when fish welfare is an important factor. We passionately believe that the collaboration now started with Eyvi AS, will also open new opportunities, including Hima Seafood’s enterprise in the USA,” concludes Vike.

MMC First Process expects further positive developments in this market and has been building up a specialist team for land-based aquaculture since 2019, based on experience and expertise from well boats, holding tanks on land and the collective fish-handling competence of the company’s personnel.


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