Land-based farm receives first batch of eggs following $250 million investment

Editorial Staff

Hima Seafood aims to produce 8,000 tons of premium ‘sashimi grade’ trout annually.

Norwegian trout farmer Hima Seafood has received its inaugural shipment of 420,000 eggs.

The shipment, which the company announced earlier this week is sourced from hatchery and smolt breeder Osland Settefisk.

The Telemark-based venture claims to be the first large-scale fish farm utilizing a modern freshwater recycling aquaculture system (RAS).

The project has attracted substantial investment, securing $250 million (NOK 2.5 billion) from sustainability firm Foresight and private investors, marking the largest private placement in land-based aquaculture, according to the company.

Hima Seafood aims to produce 8,000 tons of premium ‘sashimi grade’ trout annually which it plans to sell  to restaurants in Norway and Europe.

To ensure water quality, the company has partnered with Norwegian company Eyvi for effluent treatment technology.

This system not only purifies the water but also allows for the conversion of biomass into organic fertilizer.  For every kilogram of fish meat produced, the plant can generate half a kilogram of fertilizer, totaling approximately 4,500 tons annually, according to CEO Sten Falkum.

The company claims its technology facilitates stress-free fish transportation within the farm, mimicking natural underwater currents. This method aims to significantly reduce fish mortality rates compared to the industry average of 16%, according to Forbes Magazine.


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