Land-based farmed salmon goes on sale in UK

Atlantic Sapphire inks deal with Whole Foods Market to supply its UK stores, with other supermarkets set to follow suit.

The Daily Mail reports that Atlantic Sapphire is selling land-raised salmon in the UK. Amazon-owned Whole Foods has seven stores in London but it is not known if the salmon will be sold on Jeff Bezos’ huge online platform.

Atlantic Sapphire’s fish are being sold at GBP 25.9/kilo. To compare, the price of Asda’s sea-farm raised salmon fillets are between GBP 13 – GBP 18/kg and Sainsbury’s from GBP 15 – GBP 23.96/kg. Marks and Spencer’s Loch Muir branded salmon is between GBP 18 to GBP 29/kg.

Atlantic Sapphire produces salmon at its ‘Bluehouse’ in Denmark and this is the first time it has been sold in Europe outside that country.

Atlantic Sapphire’s Miami facility is targeting 1,000 tonnes in US salmon biomass by the end of 2019, with a view to produce 60 thousand tonnes by 2024-2026.

On Linkedin, Atlantic Sapphire CEO Johan Andreassen wrote: “In terms of animal welfare we believe fish speak to us by staying alive and grow. Salmon is a species that likes to school together and swim their entire lives if they can. In a Bluehouse we give them that opportunity. All farmed salmon in the world starts their first year of their life in a land-based tank environment. The entire industry is building out on land to keep salmon on land longer because that is safer/less risky for the fish. The mortality rates in a Bluehouse is a fraction of the average in a net pen environment as parasites, algae, viruses and bacteria can more effectively be managed.”


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