Land-based fish farmer Andfjord Salmon signs pump contract

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Andford Salmon and Framo have jointly developed a tailor-made pumping system for Andfjord’s innovative throughput system for land-based salmon farming.

Framo Innovation’s contract with the farming company Andfjord Salmon at Andøy, Northern Norway, includes the production and installation of two flow pumps, four sludge pumps and a drainage pump. The onshore pilot plant is scheduled to be launched in May 2020.

“We chose Framo as a partner because they have a very good reputation in the market, as a solid supplier, with long experience from demanding pump markets. The collaboration with Framo has helped to develop the Andfjord basin for an even better fish farm,” says Helge Krøgenes, managing director of Andfjord Salmon.

Andfjord’s patented salmon farming throughput combines the best of sea and land-based farming with stable temperature and proper water flow. The new aquaculture concept has low energy consumption, low operating costs and is favorable for the environment and fish health.

“A salmon that thrives is a salmon that grows. Nutritious seawater is an important factor in giving salmon the very best growth conditions, and with the Framo pumps we ensure salmon optimal conditions in the plant,” says Krøgenes.

Photo: Framo

Andfjord Salmon’s facilities are built naturally into the mountains, below sea level. The Framo pumps help to create good living conditions for the fish inside the plant.

– We have had a very good development cooperation with Andfjord. Through flow analyzes and placement of the pumps, Andfjords and Framos specialists find the optimal flow conditions, which in turn ensures the best fish welfare, says sales manager Terje Ljones in Framo Innovation.

Develops pumps with the farmers
For 80 years, ships and offshore platforms have been the main market for Framo’s pumping technology. In January 2018, Framo Innovation was established to find new markets for the company’s diving pumping technology. Only a year and a half after the start-up, the innovation department has the first pumps ready for the aquaculture industry.

“We could get on the track so quickly because we have a solid apparatus at the bottom and over half a century of pumping experience. At Framo Innovation, experienced engineers, with specialized expertise in pump technology, work together with new, smart heads from other professional environments,” says Ljones.

Framo has used the aquaculture industry as a sparring partner in product development.

“We have spent a lot of time talking to breeders to get a good understanding of what challenges they have, and can therefore present two different pumps for the industry now. This is flexible technology with a large range in capacity, and we have developed tailor-made and powerful pumping systems that can be used for many different purposes,” says Ljones.

Extreme requirements
The two pumps, the power setter SR 2000 and SEA315, which Framo Innovation has developed and will deliver to Andfjord Salmon can be used for water circulation and sludge treatment.

For the aquaculture industry, it is critical that the pumps maintain high quality. In the event of unforeseen events, Framo has a solid service unit with highly qualified professionals, spare parts and efficient inventory management.

“We need to be able to repair and maintain quickly. Therefore, the new pumps are designed for digital control, remote monitoring and state-controlled maintenance. We have this positive and solid experience from the offshore industry, and we take that into the aquaculture industry,”concludes Terje Ljones.


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