Land-based fish farmer starts assembling 28 large tanks

Aslak Berge

Bulandet Miljøfisk’s site is now being built.

They have already raised EUR 21 million in equity and loans to construct the aquaculture project in the archipelago a short boat trip southwest of Florø, Western Norway.

Last week, the assembly of the first four composite tanks, each with a diameter of 24m and a depth of 9m, began.

According to the plan, the first fish will be put in the tanks in the spring of 2022.

Bulandet Miljøfisk will have 28 large tanks for its innovative, land-based fish farm.

“With its unique concept, Bulandet Miljøfisk is a forward-looking player with whom we are very pleased to collaborate,” Entec Group CEO Håvard Haanes told SalmonBusiness.

B.D. Knut Eikeland (chairman of Bulandet Miøjøfisk), Hans Cato Haddal (GENERAL MANAGER Bulandet Miljøfisk), Håvard Haanes (CEO Entec) and Tore-Jakob Reite (CEO Brimer Servitech). Photo: Entec

The components of the fish farming tanks are produced in Sunnmøre, and are put together in Bulandet, both in Western Norway.

In the pilot phase, four tanks will be installed in the facility, with deliveries of another 24 in the first stage of construction. In total, this corresponds to a volume of 100,000 m3.

Bulandet Miljøfisk’s facility has been built into the ground to reduce pumping costs. At the first stage of construction, the water will be collected at a depth of 40-50m so that even water temperature can be maintained all year round to avoid lice and diseases.

In the facility, both post-smolt up to one kilogram will be produced as well as fish that are raised all the way up to a harvest weight of about five kilograms.

“The specially developed throughput technology allows the fish to be raised in a current environment that develops a strong heart muscle and good fitness. Our goal is to produce fit and healthy salmon from Norway’s westernmost fishing village,” said Bulandet Miljøfisk CEO Hans Cato Haddal.

“We have chosen tanks made from composite material from Entec because they are both maintenance-free and easier to clean than other tanks. At the same time, as Entec, we are committed to environmental and sustainability, and we have a great sense of the way they find good solutions in cooperation with the customer. For Bulandet, who is building something in an island community as far west in Norway as it is possible to get, it is of great value to work with suppliers from Kvamsøya who know exactly what this means and who are willing to go the extra mile if needed,” added Haddal.

PHOTO: Entec

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