Land-based producer breaks ground on smolt facility in Iceland

Editorial Staff

Thor Salmon has commenced construction of its smolt facility in Thorlakshofn, South Iceland, marking a significant milestone for the company. 

“The hatchery is a significant addition to the thriving aquaculture sector in Thorlakshofn and in the entire region, which is quickly becoming one of the world’s leading areas for land-based salmon farming,” wrote farm manager Jónatan Tórdarson in a press release.

The project will proceed in two phases: the initial phase involves the construction of the smolt facility, followed by the build-out of a grow-out facility aimed at producing 5,000 tonnes of salmon annually. Thor Salmon’s long-term goal is to achieve an annual production of 20,000 tonnes.

The company plans to receive its first batch of eggs early next year, with the first grow-out tanks ready by early 2026, and expects its first harvest by the end of 2026.

“It is exciting to have a brand new smolt station, as robust smolt is the basis for successful salmon farming. The proximity of the smolt plant to the grow-out plant will allow us to transfer smolt directly from the smolt plant to the grow-out tanks, resulting in significant cost and labor savings,” said Vignir Stefánsson, station manager at Thor Salmon.


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