Land-based producer completes excavation work ahead of schedule

Editorial Staff

The new infrastructure will support a total production capacity of 19,000 tons.

Norway-based aquaculture company Andfjord Salmon, the has reported the completion of its next set of pool pits at Kvalnes, Andøya, earlier than planned. The excavation, finalized a full quarter in advance, marks a significant milestone in the company’s expansion efforts.

CEO Martin Rasmussen commented on the development, “This early completion de-risks the build-out process and provides added flexibility for the upcoming technical phases of the project.”

The company has now prepared two rows of pool pits, with each row set to accommodate six pools. This infrastructure will support a total production capacity of 19,000 tons head-on-gutted (HOG) salmon.

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Currently, in the initial phase of construction, Andfjord Salmon aims to finish four concrete pools, which will enable the facility at Kvalnes to produce 8,000 tons HOG.

Rasmussen also stated, “We have scheduled to begin concrete works on the pools during the first quarter, which puts us ahead of our initial timeline.”

Further advancements at Andfjord Salmon include progress in the harbour area and waterway constructions.

Andfjord Salmon is headquartered at Kvalnes on Andøya in the Arctic Archipelago of Vesterålen. The company is developing two additional locations, Breivik and Fiskenes, with a goal to achieve a combined production volume of 90,000 metric tons across all three sites.


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