Land-based salmon farmer breaks ground on 40,000 ton expansion

Editorial staff

First batch harvested early to accommodate expansion.

Land-based salmon producer Andfjord Salmon announced Thursday it has received delivery of the machinery required to commence work expanding its facilities located at Kvalnes, in Northern Norway.

The company first revealed detailed plans for its expansion plans in June.

The site currently has a total production capacity of just 1,000 metric tons, but is targeting an increased capacity of 40,000 tons through a gradual increase between 2025 and 2030.

An initial volume of 8,000 tonnes is anticipated for 2025.

The equipment received will be used to excavate the initial twelve pool pits and transport materials to the port area, according to the company’s Project Director, Jostein Nilssen.

The plan is to commence waterway pre-cutting, followed by tunnelling activities, in September.

Early harvest

In July, the company completed its first successful harvest at an average weight of 3.4 kilograms. The reason given for the earlier than expected harvest of the inaugural batch was so as to accommodate the commencement of the expansion.

The harvest yielded strong results with  91.1 percent of the fish being of superior quality, and 97.5 percent of the stock having survived to harvest.

In future batches, Andfjord Salmon expects average harvest weight to be significantly higher, the company said.

In June the Norwegian land-based salmon farmer announced it had raised NOK 615 million ($58 million) through a private placement. The new funds will be used to bankroll the expansion of the Kvalnes site.


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