Land-based fish farmer launches smoked salmon brand in France

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“La Petite Fabrique du Saumon Fume” produced with Norwegian fish. 

Ambitious land-based fish farmer Pure Salmon has launched a smoked salmon brand in France.

“La Petite Fabrique du Saumon Fume” is produced at Boulogne sur Mer, using Norwegian fish, according to a post on LinkedIn.

Undercurrent News picked up the story.

“Our teams at our Boulogne Sur Mer plant in France do an exceptional job. Surely one of the best-smoked salmon in the world. Hand filleted, salted with dry salt, removal of brown muscle, rope hung smoked. A very positive and cheerful working atmosphere and a gender balance already in place. Result: unrivalled products and new happy customers every week,” wrote chief project officer and head of pet treats at Pure Salmon Michael Ruben.

PHOTO: Pure Salmon

It’s not clear if Pure Salmon has bought a new facility in Boulogne for salmon smoking. Or if this is part of the site, which is still in development.

Ruben thanked Pure Salmon Boulogne Sur Mer site director Arnaud Volle for managing the facility in Linkedin.

Pure Salmon is investing EUR 175 million in a land-based facility there, which is expected to produce 10,000 tonnes of salmon per year.

Owner Singapore-headquartered 8F Asset Management is looking to build a number of facilities with a total production capacity of 260,000 tonnes of salmon around the world. If completely funded and realised, that will make Pure Salmon the world’s second-largest fish farming company, bypassed only by Mowi.


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