Land-based salmon farmer names new production manager

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Joensen brings over 30 years of experience in aquaculture and water reuse systems.

Land-based salmon farming pioneer First Water, has hired former Hiddenfjord Production Manager Hedin Joensen from the Faroe Islands as its new Aquaculture Manager.

Joensen worked for Hiddenfjord in the Faroe Islands for eight years.

From 2004-2015, he held the position of Processing Manager at Kaldbaks, overseeing the Viking Seafood brand which transitioned into Bakkafrost, and was responsible for trout and salmon production. Before Kaldbaks, he was associated with Smoltstöðin in Svínoy, managing freshwater fishing for a span of six years.

First Water is licensed to produce 8,000 metric tons of salmon yearly with plans to eventually increase this capacity to around 50,000, with the development  to be completed in 2028.

The company, which was founded in 2017 and changed its name from Landeldi earlier this year, completed the first harvest of salmon from its farm in Thorlakshofn in southwestern Iceland in July.

The harvest comprised approximately 50,000 salmon, with an average weight of around 3kg.

First Water’s largest shareholder is Icelandic investment giant Stodir which holds a 40 percent stake in the company.


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