Land-based South African trout farm now planning 6,000 tonnes of fish a year

Hopes to complete regulatory processes by end of October.

It’s been a while since Cape Nordic Corporation (CNC), which is working with the Danish construction company Gråkjær, hit the headlines in 2018.

The Danish-South African initiative is in the process of developing a large-scale, land-based RAS system for sea trout close to Cape Town.

Director Barthlo Harmse told SalmonBusiness that “the project is definitely going ahead” and that the capacity is 6,000 tonnes. This is an increase on the planned 1,800 tonnes stated from 2018.

“We had some delays related to regulatory processers adding additional components to the project i.e. ITMA, wind energy and also hydroponics. Also, Covid 19 did not do us lots of favours,” said Harmse.

Barthlo told SalmonBusiness that the 6000 tonnes-a-year salmon farm will be the “most integrated project in development” with “renewable energy, energy storage within the heat capacity of the system, ITMA (Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture .ed) and also hydroponics”.

“We are hoping to complete the regulatory processes end of October 2021 and then immediately commence with the detail design and project execution. The project will be developed in a phase manner to mimic market needs,” he added.

SalmonBusiness asked if the project was funded, and by how much. Barthlo has not yet replied.


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