Landeldi – Deep Atlantic and Benchmark Genetics extend cooperation

Benchmark Genetics Iceland and Landeldi have signed a 3-year extension to their cooperation agreement, where the company will continue to fulfil its needs for ongoing expansion.

“Our Öxnalækur hatchery has recorded very low mortality for about one and a half years. We attribute that mainly to a consistent quality product from Benchmark, our Flow-through system and the quality of the pristine Icelandic groundwater”, Haraldur Snorrason, head of the smolt operation at Landeldi, said.

“We are located only one hour from Landeldi and cooperate closely with them. Landeldi is a promising company and an important client for Benchmark in Iceland,” Róbert Rúnarsson, Global Sales Manager at Benchmark Genetics, stated.

Since December 2020, Benchmark Genetics Iceland has provided Landeldi with over 2 million salmon ova. Landeldi is on course building up its first phase of 6,500-ton annual production, with the aim of growing to 33,500 tons of total production in the coming years.


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