LandLachs building 5,000 tonnes land-based salmon farm

German land-based salmon farmer Patrick von Hertzberg is building a 5,000 tonne site.

Founded by the entrepreneur Patrick von Hertzberg, it’s a unique site for a land-based salmon farm and a first for Germany.

‘As a project of conversion of industrial sites into sustainable and socially responsible new business activities and increased concerns regarding food production,” the entrepreneur told SalmonBusiness. “We developed a concept for highly automated land-based salmon production, named LandLachs”.

“Due to increased demand from wholesalers to be supplied with fresh and healthy salmon products in continuous supply throughout the year, the business concept of 2,000 tonnes per year was increased to 5,000 tonnes per year.  The industrial area provides a further growth potential,” he added.

Patrick von Hertzberg. PHOTO: LinkedIn

Patrick von Hertzberg said that the technical partner for the aquaculture project was recirculating aquaculture system designer AquaMaof. A joint venture agreement was signed between the two companies.

On the site, Land-Lachs says it will be ready from December 2021. The architect Schaub & Partner has designs for LandLachs’ 2.000 m2/310.000 m³ site, which it says will be completed by 2021.

AquaMaof told SalmonBusiness that it could not comment.

On LinkedIn in 2018, von Hertzberg shared a post on the matter celebrating that the land-based salmon farm was the latest addition to Hertzberg Group of Companies. This includes Finow Automotive, which at the time posted sales of EUR 32 million.

However, Patrick von Hertzberg had a venture which ended with the loss of 145 jobs because of the 2009 crash.

Insolvency proceedings
The publication Moz reported that Patrick von Hertzberg oversaw an insolvency proceeding while managing director of the rolling mill Walzwerk Finow, Brandenburg, west of Berlin.

Franziska and Patrick von Hertzberg signing joint venture agreement company in 2018 in Tel Aviv, Israel, with AquaMaof CEO David Hazut. PHOTO: Landlachs

Founder Patrick von Hertzberg followed up SalmonBusiness elaborating on the past on the 24th of March. He explained that Finow Automotive counts “230 people and are direct supplier of BMW / Daimler & VW just to name the biggest. And yes this company survived the financial crisis in 2009 and today’s coronavirus crisis as well up to now”.

On Finnow, he explained that “leaving steel production behind as a matter of global development”.

“Walzwerk Finow (GDR VEB entity) faded out of industrial competition in 2009-2011, because the machine & technical equipment was invested in 1956 to 1964 only. This process is sad for sure, but it happens every day as a self-cleaning process of the economy. But I have settled this insolvency with fair contracts and am still a well reputable and trusted entrepreneur in the automotive business,” he added.

The headline has been amended. The tonnage was increased from 2,000 to 5,000 tonnes.

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