Video: Laser beams against salmon lice

Aslak Berge

Thoughts of Star Wars are not far away when one sees Stingray Marines laser weapons in action against salmon lice.

Nevertheless, the laser treatment is gentle and does not seem to have any adverse effect on the fish.

Remote control
At the salmon farm of Fureholmen in Solund, Western Norway, Stingray Marine Solutions has installed the Stingray Optical Laser Node, a new way to get rid of salmon lice. This system has taken a long time to develop, and now Stingray Marine Solutions have started testing it on a large scale.

The farm location of Sulefisk has two cages with about 200,000 fish each. In each cage two lasers have been installed under remote control from Oslo. Video data are sent from Sulefisk in Solund to Stingray in Oslo every day.

Important development
“The first salmon ever ‘zapped’ with laser were at Sulefisk, and this marked the start of a collaboration with Stingray Marine Solutions,” said Michael Niesar, general manager of Sulefisk.

“Although we are a small player in aquaculture, we are keen to participate in the development of the industry. We are therefore pleased and proud that to have a partnership where we are out there with a whole site covered by laser.”


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