Latest numbers in for toxic algae bloom mass death – 6,000 tonnes of salmon lost

Approximately 95 per-cent of the total mortality has been removed in both regions in the affected areas in Chile.

Chilean fishing and aquaculture authority Sernapesca reports that to date, 5,989 tonnes of dead fish have been recorded from the toxic algae bloom. 5,703 tonnes have been removed and sent to disposal facilities.

Over the past few weeks, the area has been hit by a deadly toxic algae bloom, with increases in deaths reported almost daily at one point. Mowi, Aquachile, Yadran, Multiexport Granja Marina Tornagaleone and Salmones Camanchaca sites in Southern Chile have all reported losses.

Sernapesca wrote that 14 salmon farms still maintain active action plans against mass mortalities, six corresponding to the Los Lagos Region, and eight in the Aysén region, Southern Chile. Some sites in Aysen, however, have decreased their mortality to low, with four no longer even registering mortalities.

Last week, Salmones Camanchaca vice president Ricardo García, whose company had lost 1.3 million fish to the event (a USD 4.4 million hit), told SalmonBusiness that: “Algaes have declined and so the bloom”.


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