Leading food distributor to acquire Marine Harvest Lorient

editorial staff

Le Saint, a French distributor that specializes in seafood among other things, will buy the processing factory of Marine Harvest in Lorient in January.

The amount of the transaction was not disclosed, according to Le Télégramme.

The Le Saint network approached Marine Harvest a few weeks ago, announcing its interest to acquire the factory that is around 2,000 m².

“Our goal is to make Lorient our main site,” explained Denis Le Saint, co-director of the distribution group, headquartered in Guipavas.

The Le Saint network claims to be “the independent leader in France in the distribution of fresh products.” The group has 2,000 employees, and invests in seafood products through its subsidiary Top Atlantique. In 2018 it had a revenue of 500 million euros.

Marine Harvest Lorient employs 51 people, and its activity consist of cutting and processing of salmon, and its market is oriented mainly in catering. The factory expects a turnover of more than 30 million euros in 2018. The Le Saint group informed that they will retain the entire staff from Marine Harvest, and the name of the factory will be changed in early February.

After the sale of the factory, Marine Harvest will only have one factory in Bretagne, in Châteaulin. This due to a massive fire that destroyed Marine Harvest Kritsen in Landivisiau in July. At the moment, no information has been given about the future of the factory in Landivisiau.


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