Leading Hong Kong fruit juice company says it’s investing in two land-based salmon farms in China

editorial staff

Hong Kong Stock Exchange-listed Haisheng Group pushes for RAS.

It’s known as the biggest grower and supplier of apples in China, and the word is that its greenhouse the largest in the whole nation. But now the company is seeking to venture into land-based salmon.

Seafood Source reports that Haisheng Group is looking to invest EUR 650 million to EUR 1.3 billion in multiples sites across China.

Sites planned in the Bole region of Xinjiang Province, as well as Qinghai. MAP: GOOGLE

“It’s also planning to build a salmon farm with a projected annual output of 5,000 to 10,000 metric tonnes in the Bole region of Xinjiang Province, a region in China’s far west, bordering central Asia. Additionally, the firm is looking at installing a CNY 360 million (USD 54 million, EUR 46.8 million) salmon project in Qinghai province at the foothills of the Himalayas with a projected annual output of 5,000 metric tonnes,” wrote the publication.

The company is also investing in shrimp facilities.

Haisheng Group joins Nordic Aqua Partners (8,000 tonnes) and Pure Salmon (260,000 tonnes combined at five sites) who are planning land-based facilities across China. At the same time, there are facilities run by other players that are already operating in Gobi, Hainan and the Himalayas.



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