Leading investor sees big potential in automated salmon feed tech

London-based Breed Reply has invested in the IoT AgTech platform, CageEye.

Its good news for the Oslo-based company Cage Eye a tech company which aims to improve the feed process by monitoring the behaviour of the salmon as reported in Business Wire.

CageEye has raised a total of €2.3 million in funding and grants since 2016, including Breed Reply’s round of investment since it first began to sell its product for commercial use. CageEye has already secured a further €1.5 million of investment as part of a new fundraising round in 2019.

Talking to SalmonBusiness sales manager Ole Fretheim said:

“The funding means we can recruit more, start quicker with a planned innovation project so we expand this to new regions and species. Breed reply is a competent and enthusiastic part owner that will contribute to significant development of the company, besides the invested funds.

The company say that the tech – developed in collaboration with the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research – delivers fully automated, appetite-controlled feeding which can substantially reduce feed waste. It also uses acoustic data and analytics to detect when the fish are hungry or full.


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