Lerøy invests 100 million euros in its post-smolt facility in northern Norway

editorial staff

Another new RAS department will be built at the post-smolt facility at Lerøy-owned Laksefjord in Lebesby, Finnmark, Northern Norway.

The first stage of construction was completed in 2016, and had a total cost of 15 million euros. The next stage of construction started in 2018 and will be completed during 2019 with estimated cost of 23 million euros.

“We also have plans for further development of RAS department number three during 2019-2020,” said executive vice president for aquaculture in Lerøy, Stig Nilsen, to iFinnmark.

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According to Nilsen, total investments in the plant will amount to around 100 million euros. The plant today supplies all of the smolt to Lerøy Aurora – subsidiary of Lerøy Seafood Group, fish farms in Troms and Finnmark.

“Through these investments, we secure one of the most important parts of the aquaculture business in Lerøy Aurora, and create the basis for further growth and development throughout the value chain from roe to end market. Laksefjord will be the cornerstone of a business that currently produce close to 40,000 tonnes salmon and which had a turnover of approximately 2,5 billion NOK (250 million euros) in 2017,” said Nilsen.


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