Lerøy want to rebuild its remote smolt plant after it went up in flames

Lerøy want to get straight back to production.

It’s been almost two weeks since a fire ravaged a smolt plant at Lerøy-owned Laksefjord in Lebesby, Northern Norway. A subcontractor died at the scene.

Lerøy’s COO Farming Stig Nilsen explained to local news what the company is working towards post-fire.

“The facility is insured, and a plan is now being laid in consultation with the insurance company on the reconstruction of the buildings that were damaged in the fire. The goal is to return to ordinary production as quickly as possible so that the fire will not affect the business or workplaces in the Friarfjord,” said Nilsen to iFinnmark.

As a result of the fire, 2.6 million smolt with an average weight of 50-60 grams, were lost. The company had planned on introducing the fish into seawater in April this year.

According to Nilsen, the company is still investigating the cause of the fire and its financial consequences. Lerøy has previously stated that further information concerning the incident will be given in a quarterly presentation which will be held on the 26(th) of February 2019


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