Dutch processor Rodé Vis builds new headquarters

Rodé Vis, the largest salmon processor in the Benelux countries, and a subsidiary of the Norwegian company Lerøy, is building a complete new headquarters in the Netherlands.

The location of the new facility will be Urk, in the centre of the country. Building work started two months ago and, if everything remains on schedule, the new facility will be finished at the end of this year.

“Of the 17,000 m² of land we have purchased, 11,000 m² will be built on, “ says Elias Bosma, sales director of Rodé Vis.

“With the extra space in our new seafood centre we will be able to produce larger quantities of smoked salmon for retail. So far retailers have chosen us because of our specialties. Next year we will also be able to deliver more volume.”

Strong international position
Rodé Vis uses an artisanal smoking process, with dry salting and the use of oak and beechwood.

“In the new facility we will combine dry salting with injection. The smoking process will remain the same: traditional and artisanal. We believe that the focus on quality will give us a strong position in the international field,” says Elias Bosma.

The extra space will allow Rodé Vis to fully automate the production process. The company will also install a new packaging line and extend its range to other fish species, Bosma explains.

“This way we will be able to compete with factories in Eastern Europe, where the focus is on manual work. Since labour costs are increasing, automation will enable us to strengthen our position and also that of Urk as fish capital of Europe.”


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