Less feed sales and a larger harvest gives way to a new biomass reduction

Aslak Berge

Putting pressure on the future price of salmon.

A trend we have seen in Norway over the last few months, where significantly increased export volumes coupled with reduced feeding year over year, is continuing.

And fish stocks in the sea are only getting slimmer.

On Wednesday evening, Seafood Norway reported about how Norway’s current salmon biomass is 666,000 tonnes. which is two percent below the level 12 months ago.

The biomass number from Seafood Norway is parallel to the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries’s statistics, which also showed last year’s fish stocks.

Tight market
A scenario of continued tightening of biomass in Norwegian produce is the main reason behind Fish Pool’s so-called forward prices, which now stands at NOK 63.80 (EUR 6.68) per kilogram for 2019’s full-year contracts.

This indicates price optimism.

As a comparison, the average spot price so far this year is NOK 60.49 (EUR 6.3) per kilogram.