Lidl pledges to keep stores free from genetically modified salmon

Germany-based stores will add salmon with “no genetic engineering” label to its own brands.

In a press release, the high-street discount store giant Lidl writes that it is the first shop offering certified salmon and trout products that are GM-free.

Lidl Germany said the labels are in line with its customers desires to keep its fish products GMO free.

From now on, frozen salmon fillet sourced from the Faeroe Islands branded “Ocean Sea” and as well as its fresh Norwegian salmon “Fischerstolz” range will bear the label. From the beginning of 2020, Norwegian smoked salmon products will be also tagged “GMO-free”.

“After the national, industry first introduction of fresh GMO-free milk three years ago, GMO-certified salmon products from our own brand mark a new milestone in the continuous expansion of the GMO-free Lidl range.” At the same time, we implemented another measure in the sustainable design of our fish assortment,” said Jan Bock, Purchasing Manager at Lidl Germany.

“We very much welcome the fact that Lidl is promoting the topic of “Without Genetic Engineering” in another product group, thus setting a good example on the German market and responding to consumers’ desire for GMO-free foods,” added Alexander Hissting. Managing Director of the VLOG.

There is no genetically modified salmon – nor feed – in Europe. However, in the US, Aquabounty produce small quantities of AquAdvantage fish – which are bioengineered to grow to market size in about half the time of a traditional farmed Atlantic salmon.


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