Listeria outbreak forces recall of Labeyrie salmon in France

editorial staff

Packs of Labeyrie smoked salmon are being recalled across France over a risk of listeria. 

The alert applies to four-slice packs of Labeyrie salmon which is sold in stores throughout the country.‘Saumon fumé de Norvège Le Savoureux -25% de sel 4 tranches minimum 130g’ is sold by supermarkets all over the country.

The government information site Rappel Conso is advising that anyone who bought it recently to throw it away or take it back to the shop, as it may contain the Listeria monocytogenes bacteria.

This can cause a serious infection called listeria, which is most likely to affect pregnant women, over-65s and people with weakened immune systems.

In pregnant women, the infection can cause flu-like symptoms and can threaten the wellbeing of the foetus. In other people, the flu-like symptoms can also be joined by stiffness in the neck, confusion and loss of balance.

“People who may have consumed the ‘products’ mentioned above and who have a fever, whether isolated or accompanied by a headache or muscle aches, should consult their doctor and inform them that they have eaten [the salmon],” Rappel Conso states.

This type of smoked salmon is available to buy from brands including Auchan, Carrefour, Casino, Cora, Intermarché and Système U.

The use-by dates of the products in question ranged from November 4-22. Further details of the exact dates can be found on the Rappel Conso website.



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