Danish salmon listeria outbreak: one fatality


According to Danish website FodevareWatch, the death was reported by the government research institute, Statens Serum Institute (SSI).

Earlier today SalmonBusiness reported that a large quantity of salmon had been recalled from Dansk Supermarket. 

This was due to The Danish Food Safety Authority detecting excessive listeria values in smoked salmon.

“It is unusual that we see three patients with the same listeria type within the same week. This may indicate that a major outbreak was about to happen. Therefore, it was of great importance that the listeria type was quickly traced to cold-smoked salmon, so that the source of infection could be identified,” said Steen Ethelberg, senior researcher at the SSI.

The SSI says that there may be several cases of illness in the next few weeks, because it takes up to three weeks from a person being infected until he or she develops symptoms.



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