Listeria outbreak traced back to Lerøy factory in Sweden

Editorial Staff

Smoked products in question were only being sold in Sweden.

Several cases of listeriosis in Sweden have been traced back to a smokehouse operated by Norwegian salmon farming giant Lerøy.

Upon being notified by the Swedish Food Agency, Lerøy promptly removed the affected products from stores and initiated a thorough investigation.

The contamination source, identified within the facility, has since been eradicated, according to the salmon producer.

“For Lerøy, producing safe and healthy food is the most important thing we do. That is why we take food safety very seriously,” wrote Anne Hilde Midttveit, quality manager at Lerøy Seafood Group in a press release.

After we received a notification from the Swedish Food Agency in July suspecting Listeria in our smoked products from the facility in Smögen, we have worked intensively on the case in collaboration with the Swedish authorities.”

Lerøy, emphasizing its commitment to food safety, has implemented an expanded testing regime and is collaborating with food safety authorities in Sweden and Norway.

The Swedish Food Safety Authority declared the outbreak in Sweden to be over in November. 


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