Liverpool Bay Mayor weighs in on Cooke Aquaculture expansion

Cooke Aquaculture is looking to expand its salmon farming operations in Liverpool Bay, Canada, through its subsidiary Kelly Cove Salmon.

The Region of Queens Municipality, Novia Scotia, Candada, is sending a long list of questions to Cooke Aquaculture about the potential salmon farm expansion in Liverpool Bay, but is still taking a neutral stance overall, reports qccrfm.

Cooke has made its intentions known to the province and has until 7th of March 2019 to apply for a specific site. The company has owned and operated a fish farm there since 2011.

In council on Feb. 12, councilors voted to send the letter to Kelly Cove Salmon about their proposed salmon farm expansion in the Bay. You can access the full list of questions via this link. 

Mayor David Dagley said they don’t expect a direct response to the letter. Rather, the letter would go with the submissions sent to the provincial aquaculture review board if Kelly Cove decides to go further with their application.

“If the review board finds that there were scientific requests for Kelly Cove to follow up on and they did not, I’m sure the board would want to know why.”

The Region of Queens has no say over approving the application, as it is under provincial jurisdiction.


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