Loch Duart goes with EWOS three more years

press release

Scottish salmon producer, Loch Duart, has opted to renew supplies of aquafeed with producer Cargill and its EWOS brand for marine grow-outs, the Westfield grower said Thursday.

Under the deal, “a bespoke, high-quality salmon feed” will be supplied for three years, and Cargill will donate “a significant sum” into fund to support coastal communities. As in Newfoundland, Canada’s salmon-farming areas, the remoteness of Scottish licenses means new employee housing and basic facilities are always in-demand.

Loch Duart produces about 5,200 tonnes of market salmon per year from its Hebrides and Sutherland locations in northwest Scotland. The salmon is sold directly to hotels, restaurants and retailers around the world.

The company uses a method of low density farming that includes letting nets run fallow and allowing fish to swim distances, saying it produces leaner fish. The company pioneered a drum filter that cleans water down to 100 microns of parasites and their eggs.

In 2015, Loch secured a source of capelin ‘trimmings’ for all the company’s fishmeal in an effort to boost fish nutrition.


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