Long-time IntraFish publisher quits

Aslak Berge

Paal Korneliussen resigns after nearly 18 years as director of the media firm

“I’m not completely sure, but I believe the discussions that followed Gunnar Bjorkavaags departure triggered something in my thoughts. He had served MHST Media Group for 18 years, he’s in his 50’s. Maybe, it was time for me, too,” the outgoing IntraFish publisher, Korneliussen, was quoted by IntraFish.no as saying.

Gunnar Bjorkavaag — long a close ally of Korneliussen — resigned as managing director on February 1st following several controversial statements. Bjorkavaag got a new job just a few minutes after his resignation — with (Norwegian media group) NHST’s largest shareholder, Erik Must.

Kornelussen, however, has no job to go to.

IntraFish Media owns, among other things, the online newspaper IntraFish.no, IntraFish.com and Fiskeribladet. Like other media outfits in recent years, the company has seen falling revenues for a decade.


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