Los Fiordos salmon worker found dead near feed barge

The Public Prosecutor’s Office is conducting an investigation in order to clarify the origin and cause of the death of Jorge Andrés Cid Guerrero, a salmon farm worker for Los Fiordo. 

Marcela Valdés, prosecutor of Puerto Cisnes, informed the company called local Chilean authorities early on Tuesday, after the worker went missing early in the morning, according to rln.cl.

The Los Fiordos site is located about an hour’s drive from Puerto Cisnes – 500km south of Puerto Montt, Chile.

The Navy began a search operation, supported by boats, divers and a ROV which resulted in them finding Guerrero’s body at 3.10 pm – about 100m or 200m away from the feed barge.

Authorities are now determining the exact cause of death.


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