Low oxygen levels kill 300,000 salmon at Chilean farm

Roughly 300,000 salmon weighing around 4.3 kilos each died at the production site of Chilean salmon farmer Multi-X.

The company suspects that the mortality event was caused by low dissolved-oxygen levels.

There were no other mortality incidents reported in other salmon sites, leading the company to believe this is an isolated case. However, it and staff from Sernapesca, Chile’s aquaculture and fisheries authority, continue to monitor the situation.

Multi X’s production capacity is around 100,000 metric tons of salmon a year. It expects to increase this figure to 125,000 metric tons by next year.

Mitsui and Cargill announced in March that they were acquiring 49 percent of Multi X. This leaves 50 percent of the ownership and control with the parent company, Multiexport Foods.


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