Maersk Line optimises Chilean salmon export routes

The shipping giants said that their commitment to technological innovation has led to the improvement of salmon trading routes.

In a press release in, Maersk Line has claimed that the export of Chilean salmon had been greatly optimised this year, thanks to the efficiency of its routes.

The world’s largest container shipping company said that it’s traditional routes AC1 (Peru and Chile) and AC3 (west coast South America) had improved the connection of the main boarding point of Chilean salmon ports in San Vicente and Biobío. The country operates from seven ports along the coast of Chile in total.

It also said its monitoring technology called Remote Container Management (RCM) allowed tracking, and temperature measurement of the containers supported this success.

The company said that this had a positive effect on the two most important export salmon routes: Japan ( peak between February and March) and Russia (peak between May and July). In a glowing endorsement they also added that the “work of Maersk Line is consistent with the good times the salmon industry is going through in the country.”

Maersk Line also revealed that 36.4% of Chilean salmon was moved refrigerated, while 62.2% of it was frozen.


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