Mail order entrepreneur wins big on salmon

Aslak Berge

Having started out mail order entrepreneur. Ivar S. Løge is now worth almost EUR 100 million. Today a large proportion of those funds are invested in salmon.

“How many trucks of salmon leave Norway every day? I do not know, but there are very many. Potential is big,” said the 80-year-old in the Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv.

Løge has 50,000 shares in SalMar, 100,000 shares in Marine Harvest and 25,000 shares in Bakkafrost. In total, Løge has invested more than EUR 5,3 million in salmon farming.

Last year, his investment company Ivar S. Løge AS had a pre-tax profit of EUR 10,4 million.

Since Løge bought its 50,000 SalMar shares in 2015, the stock price has more than tripled – from 14 EUR to 39 EUR today.


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