Mainstream media late on GM fish

The Financial Times has at last written a story on the genetically modified salmon SalmonBusiness has reported heavily on this past year.

In deducing that the “flood gates” are indeed open for GM food, the FT report traced our own areas of coverage while citing a 2014 YouGov poll of British adults for their views on GM food. According to the poll, 46 percent said they had a negative view of genetically altered food.

The FT reporting mainly touched on AquaBounty’s plans for serving the North American market with GM food from a new Canadian complex of hatchery, smolt nursery and grow-out. SalmonBusiness has closely followed the story on the first GM animal to be approved as food for humans, a clear augur that more was to come.

Yet, salmon isn’t the first GM food to be eaten by humans, as the carousel of altered grains and vegetables cleared for consumption attests. On the same day, FT coupled its GM salmon coverage with long-belated coverage of GM crops.

The flood gates FT reported as “opening” opened long ago, when a dearth of mainstream news coverage bore no testimony to its arrival — whatever that arrival now entails.

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