Major chunk of genetically engineered salmon farming firm’s shares sold for $21 million

editorial staff

Intrexon Corporation sells 38.1 per cent of AquaBounty’s shares to TS AquaCulture.

The biotech firm AquaBounty, that makes land-based AquAdvantage salmon which grow faster through genetic engineering, has been sold by its owner Intrexon Corporation.

In a recent filing posted on Thursday, Intrexon Corporation and TS AquaCulture (which is managed by Third Security) wrote that it had entered into a stock purchase agreement.

TS AquaCulture purchased 8.2 million stocks from Intrexon for USD 21.6 million.

In the report, Intrexon assigned to TS AquaCulture all of Intrexon’s rights.

Chief Executive Officer of Intrexon Corp Randal J. Kirk (and shareholders affiliated) now controls 42 per cent of the voting and disposition of AquaBounty’s stock. He also serves as the Senior Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Third Security – is deemed to beneficially own all of those, plus 202,560 that he holds on his own, bringing the percentage to 42 per-cent.

TS AquaCulture now owns 38.1 per cent of Aquabounty.


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