Major Japanese sushi chain ditches human staff and launches “contactless” outlets

editorial staff

AI, QR-codes, and non-touch screens. It’s the end of staff service for Kura Sushi.

NHK reports that the Japanese conveyer belt sushi chain Kura Sushi has launched an outlet in Tokyo, where customers don’t have to interact or talk with any staff.

In light of the COVID-19, the chain has upped sanitary measures. That means customers can order and pay on a screen, without even touching it, due to sensors that can read finger movements. Furthermore, AI cameras pick up the number of plates consumed.

Kura Sushi said that it plans to introduce the system at 460 outlets across Japan. It also has 25 restaurants in the United States, and 22 in Taiwan.

Company spokesperson Tsuji Akihiro says the chain will step up sanitary measures so that customers “feel safer eating at its restaurants”.



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