March salmon price highest in recent memory

Aslak Berge

Five straight weeks of rising spot prices

“It’s still a strong market. I just got some prices at 72 to 74 kroner (EUR 7.5 to 7.7) for the main sizes,” the head of sales at a salmon farmer said.

“But, I don’t have any fish to sell.”

He’s supported by the buyer at processing continent based in on the Continent.

Upward pressure
“I hear the fish-farmers are pressing it up. I don’t think very much is firmed up yet. The six-plus (kilogram sizes) live their own lives. I don’t see the same uptick in those. That’s not what we buy the most.”

“There’s still imbalance in the supply and demand of the industry-sized fish, 3-6 (kg). Last Friday we bought the 3-6 at 68 to 70 kroner, but it’s going up. We’ve had offers at 70 to 70.5 kroner offered for the farmed 3-5 (kg size),” he said.

“The currency fell a bit. The kroner strengthened. Anyway, the price is going up. So, it’s going up considerably in the market in euro.”

Yet, not all sources see a lift in price.

“It’s relatively stable, we believe. We don’t believe there’ll be an increase in price, so we’re sitting just under 70 kroner. But, I haven’t bought any,” a trader said.

The industry sources SalmonBusiness spoke to after lunch on Friday refer to the following prices (for salmon-farmers) for delivery next week:

  • 3 to 4 kg, EUR 7.1 to 7.5
  • 4 to 5 kg, EUR 7.2 to 7.6
  • 5 to 6 kg, EUR 7.3 to 7.7

Today’s rise in price passed the peak levels for the month of March 2016 and 2017. You have to all the way back to 1986 to find match that.

“I’m hearing uptick from 71 kroner to 74 kroner on the 3-6 (kg size). There’s no doubt it’s going up. But we’re taking it easy. We’re struggling to find customers at that level.”


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