Marine Harvest building new Norwegian nursery

Salmon Business

Marine Harvest in Norway is investing in a new, on-land smolt nursery that’ll use a recirculated aquaculture system, or RAS, to grow up to 1,700 tonnes of young fish, SalmonBusiness has learned.

The world’s largest fish farmer has chosen reclaimed land in Skjervoy township of western Norwegian county Troms.

“This will be a cutting-edge facility that’ll deliver large smolt of the highest quality to our grow-outs in Troms and Nordland,” a statement from region manager, Orjan Tveiten said, adding that the decision meant Marine Harvest had its sights on more integrated operations and growth in the region.

Skjervoy mayor, Orjan Albrigsten, expressed delight at the company’s decision to put the RAS in his municipality.

“As mayor I’m extremely glad that the world’s largest aquaculture player, Marine Harvest, strengthens its presence in Skervoy and Nord Troms by building a new brood facility on (the island of) Sandoera,” the mayor said, adding that it meant more jobs (15 of them) and aquaculture in the region.

The new facility on Sandoera will enable the growing of larger smolt in Troms that what the company has managed thus far.

“The large smolt that’ll grow up on Sandoera will reduce the amount of time the fish needs at sea,” a statement said, adding that salmon will be produced faster, and “it’ll reduce sea-lice pressure in the region”.

The plan is to start building in spring 2018 and producing in the autumn of 2019.


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