Marine Harvest Canada applies for $51 million facelift at smolt hatchery

The Indian Head Salmon Smolt Hatchery located near Port Harmon in Stephenville, Newfoundland and Labrador, is getting a major upgrade.

Northern Harvest Smolt Ltd. has applied to Municipal Affairs and Environment to carry out a $51 million expansion according to the Aurora news site.

Earlier this month, Marine Harvest Marine Harvest completed the $248m acquisition of Northern Harvest Sea Farms as part of its long term strategy. They company came with its own broodstock, smolt hatchery, farming sites and processing operations.

The hatchery provides smolts to the licensed sea cages belonging to Northern Harvest Sea Farms. It aims to be expanded if an environmental assessment gets approval.

As part of the expansion, there will be more tanks as well as salt water at the facility so to introduce them to the sea better. The company aim to add the very latest in recirculation technology at the hatchery.

The company hopes that the expansion will bring more long-term employment to the area once the expansion goes into operation.

The Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment indicated the undertaking for the expansion was registered on July 17; the deadline for public comments is Aug. 21; and the minister’s decision is due by Aug. 31.


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