Marine Harvest Chile offering cash reward for every escaped salmon caught

The company is reported to be offering 7,000 Chilean Pesos (EUR 9.15) per fish caught.

Earlier this July a storm damaged several farms at Marine Harvest’s Punta Redonda Center near the southern city of Calbuco, freeing at least 600,000 salmon into the wild.

Over 250,000 of the fish have been rescued and have been transferred to a nearby facility.

The general manager of the firm, Fernando Villarroel, told El Mercurio that once the emergency is over “it will be necessary to make an exhaustive analysis of the causes and events that generated it”.

“We have arranged a special and extraordinary budget to finance the recapture work, as an example, I can tell you that we are paying 7 thousand pesos per copy recaptured to the artisanal fishermen with whom we are working.”

Under Chilean law, the company has set number days to recover the salmon. Within that period, it must recapture at least 10 percent or “environmental damage is assumed,” said National Fisheries Service (SERNAPESCA).


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