Marine Harvest Chile storm: 680,000 fish have escaped

Updated news on Friday’s salmon escape

SalmonBusiness reported on Friday night that the Punta Redonda site was hit by a major storm leading to extensive damage to the farm. 

On Saturday, July 7, Marine Harvest’s weather conditions allowed the farm to be inspected. It became apparent that the damage to the farm has deteriorated further after the damage was first discovered.

The farm is now emptied of fish, and the census shows that around 680,000 fish from the have escaped. About 250,000 of the fish have been rescued and have been transferred to a nearby facility, the company reported in a press release

The press release stated that “the site was anchored in mid-2017, the cages are of recent construction (2017) and designed for exposed conditions.”

Marine Harvest, authorities and suppliers are now investigating how this incident could have happened occur and all sites will be inspected to ensure they are in accordance with Marine Harvest engineering standards.


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