Marine Harvest Egg nearer hatching

Stian Olsen

The Norwegian Fisheries Ministry partly sides with a Marine Harvest claim, upping The Egg’s concession count from four to six.

“The Directorate of Fisheries’ concerning the awarding of licenses to Marine Harvest Norway and the development concept, The Egg, is upheld, with the noted change that it is commits to six licenses to develop five Eggs, entailing one prototype and four Eggs,” the order read.

Marine Harvest had sought 14 development permits and had earlier suggested that all 14 were necessary to set in motion its comprehensive investment program for The Egg, along with technology outfit, Hauge Aqua.

In June, the company had learned that four licenses were approved, saying then that it wouldn’t be enough. They appealed the decision.

“We have chosen to appeal the decision on the award of just four development permits for The Egg,” the company told SalmonBusiness when the original decision came down. “This provides too few licenses to realize the project and does not represent the full-scale development of the concept. It’s clear that the project’s finances are extremely dependent on the number of concessions that are finally awarded.”

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