Marine Harvest Kritsen workers face uncertain future

Hundreds of workers waking up to the prospect of technical unemployment in France.

80% of the 300 strong work force at Kritsen-Marine Harvest salmon plant in France are facing an uncertain future after a fire destroyed most of the site last week.

The Landivisiau ((Finistère, north west France) site was completely wrecked after a huge fire ripped through the site on the 11th of July.

Dramatic footage showed the extent of the blaze.

None of the 146 staff who were present at the plant were injured. However questions are being asked about if and when workers will be able to return to work.

“There will be a meeting with union representatives this afternoon to discuss all questions regarding this unfortunate situation for all employees of the Landivisiau plant,” said Margreet van Harn Marketing & Innovation Director at Marine Harvest Benelux in an email to SalmonBusiness last week.

“All orders will be honored, we will straighten our heads and Marine Harvest will continue to exist”, said local worker union representative Patrick-Guy Leveille speaking to the French news site France 3.

According to Leveille a crisis management team has been set up to facilitate decision making in the future, Furthermore Marine Harvest are planning to reimburse employees for all their belongings destroyed by the fire.


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