Marine Harvest loses millions over French smoked salmon factory fire

Latest report shows that the salmon farmer lost millions over July’s blaze at French plant.

A fire on the 11th of July at Marine Harvest’s Brittany-based smoked salmon factory in Landivisiau all but destroyed most of the site.

The company posted that it has the company’s Q3 impressive EBIT had taken a knock to the sum of EUR 8.6 million because of the blaze.

“Although the factory was fully insured, insurance income related to builings and fixed assets have not yet been fully recognised as per the third quarter due to IFRS requirements,” the company reported.

In July, almost all the facilities were destroyed, including the 7,000 m² production section. The cause of the blaze, which started in the southwest section of the building is being investigated.

The Kritsen plant was founded in 1994 and has been a subsidiary of the Norwegian giant Marine Harvest since 2006. The company employed more than 300 people and hires around 200 temporary employees during peak periods.

To cope with end-of-year orders, the company announced plans to operate its Morpol plant in Saône-et-Loire such as Kritsen.


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