Marine Harvest signs deal for three new feed barges

Press release

The fish farming company will purchase three new barges from Austevoll-based equipment supplier Fluctus in 2018. The contract was signed at AquaNor in Trondheim.

“To get the opportunity to supply Marine Harvest is a great statement of trust in our employees and the company they have built over the past two years,” said Harald Lien, general manager of  Fluctus.

The 30×11 meter barges will be stationed in three of Marine Harvest’s four regions. Each will include storage for 500 tonnes of feed, and will also incorporate accommodation for employees, plus a control room and other work facilities. They are due to be delivered in March 2018.

Local subcontractors
“We want to use Norwegian subcontractors as much as possible. We believe that it is important for the aquaculture industry and society as a whole to retain the local experience and expertise that the marine industry has built over decades,” says Lien.

Contract signed at AquaNor
This is the first time Marine Harvest has chosen to buy all barges from one supplier.

“We chose to agree with Fluctus because they deliver high quality products. The company sees the value of supporting the local economy, which is also important for us as a company. That we have now contracted a supplier for all new barges in 2018 is also a big plus,” says Per-Roar Gjerde, COO Farming Norway and Chile.


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