Maritech acquires majority share in Lillebakk

press release

Maritech invests in Lillebakk to strengthen its positioning in digitalization and industrial IoT by offering seafood customers tools to capture real-time data and control processes at remote sites.

Lillebakk Engineering, based in Molde, Norway, develops a broad range of Industrial IoT products and decision-making tools, using modern instrumentation and sensor technology for data capture to provide key, real-time remote monitoring, efficiency control and process improvement of automated equipment and systems.

This acquisition is a significant milestone in Maritech’s journey towards the advancement of digitalization in the seafood sector.

The trend with increased automation, digitalization and everything connected (Industrial Internet of Things) is rapidly entering seafood and aquaculture.

To play a key role in this significant change in the market, Maritech has invested in and partnered with Lillebakk.

Maritech’s aim is to expand the tools available for seafood companies globally in an increasingly digitized value chain where connectivity is crucial.

By connecting production sites, the Digital Seafood solution will give the customers an overview and a decision-making tool, allowing for cost reductions in areas such as production, energy, logistics and service.

Seafood companies can collect, aggregate, document and process data from single production sites to multi-site, complex environments.

“Digital seafood nets together information from all aspects of the seafood value chain in powerful ways, presenting tremendous opportunities for competitive advantage and revenue growth for seafood organizations,” says Janne T. Morstøl, Maritech’s CEO.

“A number of providers are talking about digitalization and industrial IoT, but Lillebakk has already delivered significant value to customers by providing tools to capture real-time data from remote sites. Lillebakk’s complementary focus on automation technology is a strong addition to the Maritech family as we continue to define more innovative solutions for our clients and grow our presence globally.”

According to Frode Lillebakk, CEO of Lillebakk Engineering “The Maritech/Lillebakk amalgamation is an excellent strategic fit, presenting a unique opportunity for both parties to provide customers with expertise and tools in the field of digitalization and automation. Maritech is a leading, recognized provider to the global seafood industry and this acquisition will strengthen Lillebakk’s focus in aquaculture and fisheries and provides an expanded vehicle for international growth.”


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