Maryland land-based salmon farming hopefuls: “We are quite confident that we can produce up to around five dollars a kilo”

editorial staff

Through the company AquaCon, several well-known figures with backgrounds from the seafood industry will spend EUR 900 million on three land-based food fish farms in the state.

This is what Dagens Næringsliv reported, which wrote about the case first here in Norway. The matter was first discussed by Intrafish’s English website on Thursday.

The list of profiles includes, among others, former Pareto partner Henrik Tangen and former Mowi director Marit Solberg.

Solberg quit after 33 years in Mowi in October 2018, and SalmonBusiness has contacted her several times to hear about the future plans, but she has denied that something new was on the horizon.

According to Henrik Tangen, the three plants together will produce 45,000 tonnes annually.

“We are pretty confident that we can produce up to about five dollars a kilo,” he told the publication.

AquaCon hopes to begin construction of the first facility in the first quarter of next year, but neither permits nor funding are so far in place.

On Friday, AKVA Group sent out a stock exchange announcement that they have signed an agreement, a so-called non-binding Term Sheet, with AquaCon for a potential supply of equipment, engineering and design to a land-based facility.

The final contract, if awarded, is expected to have a minimum value of USD 130 million, according to AKVA group.

AKVA Group further stated that the company’s participation in the project is conditional on AquaCon obtaining the necessary funding for the project and agreeing on a final contract.


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