Måsøval appeals for higher compensation from Norwegian state

Editorial Staff

Måsøval sued the state after a misdiagnosis in August 2019 led to 746,000 fish being culled.

Salmon farmer Måsøval has initiated an appeal process in an ongoing legal battle against the Norwegian state for a misdiagnosis incident at its aquaculture site.

The company is contesting the initial compensation awarded for a misdiagnosis at the Kattholmen farming site in August 2019. Originally, Måsøval filed a lawsuit in May 2023, demanding NOK 29.8 million ($3 million) for losses suffered due to the incorrect diagnosis of PD SAV3, a fish disease.

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The case proceeded to trial in November 2023, and on 29 December 2023, Måsøval  received a verdict in its favor, awarding compensation from the state. However, the state challenged this decision, filing an appeal on 2 February 2024.

In response to the state’s appeal, Måsøval AS submitted its independent appeal on 5 February 2024. The company’s latest legal move seeks to address the compensation amount, indicating that the initial sum awarded may not fully cover the losses incurred due to the misdiagnosis.


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