Meet SalmonBusiness’ new key account manager, Laila Qarqout

SalmonBusiness is growing and a new member has joined the team.

Laila Qarqout, an experienced sales account manager with a background in sales various industries as well as in different countries, joined us a week ago.

Bergen-based Laila is Syrian-Lebanese and has worked several years in China. She even speaks a little Mandarin.

“I have lived in Norway for almost 3 years. I am looking forward to use my international sales experience to generate more revenue to SalmonBusiness and to add more value to the industry. Academically, I have a master degree from the UK. I am a former Chevening scholar – FCO British Government Awardee for international leaders,” she said.

When asked what she was most looking forward to she said: “I am looking forward to contribute in making the premier source of information for the salmon industry. So we can capture more readers, suppliers, regulators and investors. And provide them with the most up-to-date and trusted information on salmon industry.”


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