Methane capture fish feed start-up gets $2.6 million in federal funding

Boost from Canada’s Ocean Supercluster innovation program for Canadian company DeNova.

CBC reports that the Halifax biotechnology fish feed start-up DeNova has received CAD 2.6 million (EUR 1.7 million) from the federal innovation funding organisation Ocean Supercluster.

DeNova, which is in its early stages, plans to capture methane from flare gas in the oil-and-gas sector in Alberta and convert it on-site into methanol. Then microbes will be grown in the methanol and subsequently converted into dried protein as a fish feed ingredient.

“DeNova’s mission is to really target the largest feed manufacturers,” said DeNova president Brianna Stratton. “It’s a global market that we’re interested in,” she added.

The publication wrote that DeNova’s protein powder has been tested on juvenile salmon at the Center for Aquaculture Technologies (CAT).

CAT, based at the eastern province of Prince Edward Island, works with and holds the patents for the GM salmon farmer AquaBounty’s fast-growing AquaAdvantage salmon.

DeNova said that it will try to take its technology from the laboratory to commercial production in the next three-to-five years.


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